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In 2015 I chose and edited AUGUST 1864 (by H.V. Rhodes), a historical naval adventure based on a true Civil War story. It was published by The Write Thought Inc. under my imprint: A SilverStowe Book.


and that continues.


When I was ten years old, my mother received a phone call from a neighbor. After apologizing for the intrusion, the neighbor asked whether I was "all right" because she had seen me walking past her house in deep conversation with myself. "Oh, that’s just Billy," my mother chuckled. "He’s telling himself stories, he loves to do that."

And, in truth, I did and still do. Of course, now I share stories by writing them, but the urge to "tell stories" remains just as vivid as when I was a boy, though my path to becoming a writer was hardly a direct one. It included diversions as an officer in the U.S.. Coast Guard for more than three years and seven years as a practicing attorney and member of the Pennsylvania bar.

Now, I write and teach, and it’s been this way since the 1970s. In all, I’ve authored or co-authored more than 20 nonfiction books, including five with my late wife June Noble, and five with my current wife, Angela Whitehill. I’ve written about stepfamily relationships, the need for inner privacy, psychiatry’s alarming power over our lives, the art of writing, the art of classical ballet, censorship, the Watergate affair and life in the Aztec Empire. Many were chosen as book club selections by Book-of-the Month Club, Writers Digest Book Club and/ or Dance Book Club.

My short work, both nonfiction and fiction, has appeared in more than one hundred magazines and newspapers with an occasional anthology thrown in. A representative list includes: Yankee Magazine, Pointe Magazine, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine,, Adirondack Life Magazine, Writer’s Digest Magazine, Baltimore Sun, Garden State Golf Magazine, Northeast Golf Magazine, World War II Magazine, Vermont Ski News. For eight years (2000-2008) I was Contributing Editor for the six regional golf magazines of Divot Communications, and in 2008 I was Editor-in-Chief of New York Golf Magazine, Garden State Golf Magazine and Pennsylvania Golf Magazine.

Since 1985, I’ve been teaching Creative Writing at Community College of Vermont, both on the ground and online. In 2002, I began teaching Creative Writing, as an adjunct, at Georgian Court University, Lakewood, NJ. until 2010. From 1991-2001, I was a Vermont Humanities Scholar with the Vermont Council on the Humanities, and from 1993-1998, I was adjunct faculty in the external degree program at Johnson State College, Johnson, VT.

I’ve appeared as lecturer and workshop presenter at numerous writer’s conferences and festivals from coast to coast. A representative list includes: Mark Twain Memorial (Hartford, CT), Wilmington College (OH), Breadloaf Writer’s Conference (VT), State of Maine Writer’s Conference, Imagination Writer’s Conference (OH), Win-Win Writer’s Conference (CA), Las Vegas Writer’s Conference (NV), College of New Jersey Writer’s Conference.

In 2015 I chose and edited AUGUST 1864 (by H.V. Rhodes), a historical naval adventure based on a true Civil War story. It was published by The Write Thought Inc. under my imprint: A SilverStowe Book.

For many years my biography has been available in WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA and CONTEMPORARY AUTHORS, and I’ve appeared on more than 60 television shows, including the Today! Show, in connection with my writing.

Here’s a list of my books in descending chronological order:

2009 PRESIDENTIAL POWER ON TRIAL: From Watergate to All the Presidents Men (Enslow Pubs)
2006 NOBLE'S BOOK OF WRITING BLUNDERS (Writers Digest Books)
2004 THE NUTCRACKER BACKSTAGE, with Angela Whitehill (Princeton Book Co.)
2000 THE DANCER'S BOOK OF BALLET, with Angela Whitehill (,'s Guild edition)
1994 CONFLICT ACTION & SUSPENSE (Writers Digest Books)
1991 SHOW DON'T TELL (Paul S. Eriksson)*
1990 YOUNG PROFESSIONAL'S BOOK OF BALLET, with Angela Whitehill (Princeton Book Co.)
1990 BOOKBANNING IN AMERICA (Paul S. Eriksson)
1988 MAKE THAT SCENE (Paul S. Eriksson)*
1988 THE PARENTS BOOK OF BALLET, with Angela Whitehill (Meriwether Pubs)
1987 "SHUT UP!" HE EXPLAINED (Paul S. Eriksson)*
1985 STEAL THIS PLOT, with June Noble (Paul S. Eriksson)*
1981 THE PSYCHIATRIC FIX, with June Noble (Delacorte Books)
1980 THE PRIVATE ME, with June Noble (Delacorte Books)
1978 HOW TO LIVE WITH OTHER PEOPLE'S CHILDREN, with June Noble (Hawthorn Books)
1975 THE CUSTODY TRAP, with June Noble (Hawthorn Books)

*republished in CLASSIC WISDOM ON WRITING series (2011) by The Write Thought, Inc.


1961 University of Pennsylvania Law School, Philadelphia PA, J.D., law clerk to Professor Philip Mechem

1954 Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, B.A. major in History