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NOBLE’S BOOK OF WRITING BLUNDERS... and how to avoid them

Writer’s Digest Books, 2006

Shows that sticking too closely to "writing rules" can bring dull and dusty prose, when imagination and independence should develop exciting, vivid writing. Noble points out which rules are okay to ignore and how to go about using that knowledge to avoid common writing blunders.

PRESIDENTIAL POWER ON TRIAL: From Watergate to All the President’s Men

(Enslow Publishing, 2009)

Story of the 1971 Watergate burglary, the famous 1973 trial and the notorious cover-up that resulted in the convictions of twenty people and the resignation of a sitting U.S. President. Noble describes the crime(s), the award-winning movie about the affair and the historical significance of what happened.

"Beating the Crowd at the First Tee"

Pennsylvania Golf Magazine, 2009

A light-hearted look at how to avoid the inevitable crush of golfers waiting to tee off at the most popular times of the week. Minor tweaks and enterprising thoughts make the difference because there’s always opportunity beckoning within tradition" when it comes to the game.